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Here are some impression of the unoffical opening of Facciola’s.
After a facebook survey the left option was chosen.


Facciola with Aurora Facciola and Sebastian Janzon.1 day ago
Facciola never rests and this Saturday morning activity is the proof.
Carrying a fridge down for 4 floors has never been so fun, thanks also to Clara, Sonya and Felipe that helped us with this task.

Now a bit of rest and then ready for tonight when, thanks to our Loredana, we'll be hosting for the first time a university students' party.
No risk of getting bored around here 😉

Facciola2 days ago
The day Facciola (and Sebastian) made it to the world of Internet fame: check photo n12 of this series of pictures that are meant to explain Berlin (and its craziness) to people who are not experienced with the city.
Does it look familiar to you?

Facciola4 days ago
While the "FĂȘte de la musique" brings energy and sounds from all over the world to our beloved Berlin, we are here slowly starting our working day and getting ready to host all you partygoers and music lovers after a day of dance and enjoyment.

Come by and chill with us!

30 minutes ago our gnocchi were still potatoes...they could not be more fresh than this!