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In January we celebrated not a person, not a place but a concept, our concept that doing things in a different way, thinking and applying ideas out of the box (or better, out of the barrique), approaching your work not just like a necessary effort but more like an entertaining activity, and be successful in it, is possible. We know that some people made bets on how long we would last. Some may have never really believed in us. Others even tried to make our existence harder than it already was. But many more than the sum of the previous ones helped, supported and backed us in the moment where it was most needed or even just when we had more people than available chairs in our wine bar.
Some of you already had the chance to savoy the “Bagna Cauda” during our participation at the 72hrs True Italian Aperitivo that went on stage at the end of last September. For those who didn’t manage to come, or for those who loved it and are looking forward for the next meeting with this “garlicy” delight we have some good news: Facciola will be one of the proud ambassadors of the “Bagna Cauda Day” the original event that celebrates this typical winter recipe. Originally started in the province of Asti, Piedmont, the event is now taking place in various location not only in Piedmont but also in the neighboring Ligury region and in some selected italian-led bars and restaurants around the world, and guess what? We are the only place in Europe (outside of Italy) where it will be possible to taste the Bagna Cauda! The price of the Bagna Cauda (including free refill) will be of 15€ per person, and, according to the tradition of this event, together with the Bagna Cauda we will offer our beloved Barbera d’Asti PI-CIT 2015 by La Montagnetta at the incredible price of 13€ per bottle! Facebook event here
The afterbout party last night was simply AWESOME! We opened 40 bottles of wine and 150 bottles of beer. foto credits: Michael Wittig


Facciola17 hours ago
Finally a well-deserved day of rest for Facciola.
It has been a long and tiring week; creating a certain environment when the person who is the soul of a place like ours is not an easy task.
We feel like we did our best to ensure the usual standards, and this was also possible to the kindness and the patience of the many friends and customers who came by.
Thanks for being with us!

Aurora, that you can see celebrating the week's success, will soon be back and you will find us open again on THURSDAY.

See you!

Facciola2 days ago
Survived after an intense week without the boss, Sebastian and the staff are again on duty for another Sunday opening before having some days of break.

We will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, and reopen on Thursday with our Aperithirstday.
And you, party people, don't forget that on Thursday you will also find us at ://about party for the "Diversity meets Odissey" festival.

If you want to join us there get in touch for more info 😉

Facciola with Giovanna Picca and 3 others.3 days ago
Considering the outstanding job the staff is doing this week, Aurora started thinking to extend her holidays at Foglie D'Acqua for...ever 😂

Hoping that she will change her mind, in the meantime we will be here in Forster str.5 always delivering your daily dose of friendly smiles, bad jokes and of course great wine!

Facciola added 7 new photos.4 days ago
As the staff is going through this week in an almost unexpectedly great way, Aurora finally managed to have some well deserved relax and to enjoy her holidays between oil and wine tasting, sightseeing and beach session.
Here are the proofs!