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Facciola – Specialitá e Vino


The secret behind being successful in what you do is to put passion in it and to enjoy what you are doing. This is why even though I work in and for my bar around 12 hours per day I only feel I am working when I have to clean the floor.

Aurora Facciola, Owner

Every time we open the place and get ready for another shift, what we have in mind is being there and investing ourselves at 360 degrees in what we do. Since the beginning of 2015, what characterized the wine-bar Facciola is in fact the personality and the style of how we approach our work. Coming from backgrounds and experiences far away from the gastronomy field, the Facciola staff has always been a polyhedral mix of people who believe that wine and food are not a simple delight for mind and body but also a tool through which you can tell a thousand stories.  

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  • La Montagnetta
  • Bagna
  • Ai Frati
  • No Wodka
  • Casadei