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#facciolastateofmind Awards 2017

Here are the categories for the yearnt AWARDS:

- Career

- Esteem

- Culture

- Nachbarschaft

- Journalism

- Entertainment


Who is going to win?

14.01.2016 Two years of #facciolastateofmind


Facciola turns 2 years old!!!
This Saturday we are again celebrating not a person, not a place but a concept, our concept that doing things in a different way, thinking and applying ideas out of the box (or better, out of the barrique), approaching your work not just like a necessary effort but more like an entertaining activity, and be successful in it, is possible.
We know that some people made bets on how long we would have lasted. Somebody never really believed in us. Some others even tried to make our existence harder than it already was. But many more than the sum of the previous ones helped, supported and backed us in the moment where it was most needed or even just when we had more people than available chairs in our wine bar.
We are therefore once again throwing THE party that will never be forgotten, not only to celebrate our birthday but also to thank our friends, supporters and customers for this 2 years of trust in our work; and what does this mean? “Ma ricchi premi e cotillions, bambini!!!” (cit. Aurora Facciola)
Apart from our regular entertainment, music, wine and more wine, this year we will also give the chance to win a set of prizes offered by our colleagues, friends and partners in crime that include:
One Sopressa Vicentina offered by La Pecora Nera
One whole bread loaf offered by Sironi
One italian aperitivo offered by Zefiro Bistro - Ristorante
One Italian aperitivo offered by La Premiata Ditta
One dinner offered by Bosco
One bottle of Rosso Veronese “Cor di Vin” offered by muret la barba
One bottle of Ratafia and one of Genziana offered by Liquori Toro

But don’t worry: not only this eight lucky people will leave Facciola with a bigger smile; as who joined last year should remember, like NYE brings fireworks explosions, Facciola’s birthday brings balloons explosions – each of them with a prize inside!

And, last but not least, we will hand to some of our friends and neighbors, after an exhausting meeting between the jury (composed by Aurora and Sebastian), the first ever Facciola Awards!
Stay in touch for more news and get ready to celebrate with us two years of work, two years of fun, two years of wine, two years of Facciola!